Aladdin (5-8 Feb 1997)

programme 1997

Cast of characters

Abanazar John Dicker
Bert Mark Phillips
Jack Simon Tofts
Jimmy Martyn Hicks
Lo Lil Eileen Dicker
Widow Fannakerpants Graham Stephens
Owen Munney Phil Smith
Primula Emily Thorn
Propensia Katie Dicker
Aladdin Rachel Harris
Riehannon Becky Gorf
Mai Karen Rawlings
Ming Angela Phillips
Genie Mo Merrell
Chorus and Genies Katie Berryman, Donna Buckland, Christine Crabbe, Hannah Davies, Ann Fowgies, David Fowgies, Martyn Hicks, Jenna King, Abigail Morris, Sarah Tofts
Dancers Lucy Baverstock, Becki Best, Leah Bewley, Hannah Davies, Polly Davis, Abigail Morris, Sarah Tofts

Production Team

Writer David Fowgies
Director Sue Gill
Assistant Director David Fowgies
Box Office Bev Moon
Choreographer Mo Merrell
Costume design/maker Jean Goddard
Costume assistants Molly Arthurs, Margaret Shore, The cast, families and friends of the group
Front of House Managers Sue Gill, Mary Harris, Carole Parsons
Front of House Team/catering Kath Bangham, Margaret Dixon, Rosemary Emery, Lyn Warren and team
Lighting Director Pete Brown
Lighting Team Jim Rogers, Shane Ebbels, Nick Adams, Jamie Swan
Make-up Jean Goddard, Gloria Gurton, Anne Smith and cast
Musical Director Jim Baker
Poster/Programme David Goddard
Prompt Nina Sivier
Properties Sue Grace, Mary Morgan, Anne Smith
Scenic Design/Painting Sue Grace, Helen Newman, Dave Smith
Sound Jim Rogers
Sound Effects Ray Buckland
Set construction/design and stage crew Bernard Crabbe, Steve Gill, Bev Moon, Geoff Morgan, Brian Parsons
Stage Manager Steve Gill
Wardrobe Mistress Jean Goddard
Musicians Jim Baker, Philip Griffith, John and Rick Kirby

CLIP 1 - 1,036Kb - 0:36 - Primula and Propensia have a battle with Abenazar.
CLIP 2 - 752Kb - 0:26 - Cast members enjoy a slide!!
CLIP 3 - 1,603Kb - 0:57 - The backstage crew entertain as a barbershop quartet.

NODA review of "Aladdin" by representative Gerry Branton

A home grown version, imaginatively written by member David Fowgies, who in turn has been no mean Dame in past productions. Set in and around Whitchurch and surrounding villages, it still retained the oriental flavour and certainly it all worked well, judging by the responses from the audience. With many local references we were soon involved with the characters, led on by an evil Abanazar, a saucy Widow Fannakerpants and her two naughty daughters. Catchy music with well-known songs added to our pleasure with fine singing from Aladdin and a well rehearsed chorus. Acting honours must go to the genie, an ingenious(!) invention by the author making her a waitress, a cross between Julie Walters` character and a one-time Lyons `nippie`. This actress showed beyond doubt what experience and timing can do for comedy. Splendid sets, especially the cave on Dunderry and the Act 2 opening Land Of The Genies, where all entered down a slide onto the stage below. Brilliant! Wonderfully colourful costumes and kimonos completed this attractive panto and a final masterstroke was the barbershop quartet made up of stage crew.



I. The Market Square
II. The Path to The Village
III. The Forest
IV. The Dame's Front Parlour
V. The Path to The Village
VI. The Cave on Dunderry
VII. The Slopes of Dunderry
VIII. The Dame's Front Parlour


I. The Land of the Genies
II. On the way to the Schoolroom
III. The Old Schoolroom
IV. On the way to the Village
V. The Market Square



We were sitting in the St Nicholas church hall in the middle of rehearsals for the parish pantomime - Aladdin. This year's effort has been written by Dave Fowgies to include a traditional tale with an interesting Welsh sub-plot! So we managed to drag him away from the busy schedule to get some inside information.
Q: So what made you write Aladdin?
A: Well I wrote the second act of a pantomime with Judi Smith. I then realised I wanted the fulfilment of writing one in its entirety.
Q: What is it specifically about pantomimes that you enjoy?
A: Its the idea that you can bring together all ages of people, have fun and produce a local event for the whole community. Its not just about the actors on stage, but people behind the scenes, set building, making coffee, costume production and front of house. It provides and opportunity for all of the community.
Q: When you designed the characters did you have anyone in mind?
A: Yes, three of the characters were named after boyhood heroes who were international soccer goalkeepers. So look out for special performances from Jack, Jimmy and Bert. (Can you name their country and club?)
Q: What about the actual practicalities of writing the pantomime - did you spend hours at a time writing it?
A: I wrote it over a two month period - a couple of pages at a time. I had most of the pantomime planned out in my mind right from the very beginning. So I knew how the storyline would evolve. It was important to have the main story, but just as important to include a strong sub-plot. There are one or two interesting effects I wanted to bring about, but you will have to see the pantomime to appreciate them!
Q: How fulfilling do you find writing? Do you have any future plans?
A: The great thrill is in looking forward to the event and seeing it come to life on the stage. Another pantomime for another year? That depends on the critics!!


a scene

another scene

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