Aladdin (17-19 Jan 1980)

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Cast of characters
Aladdin Jacky Tooth
Widow Twankey Nigel Tooth
Abanazar Richard Craig
Wishy Washy John Dicker
Princess Lycee Christine Hodkin
Emperor John Bellamy
Chancellor David Grace
Genie of the Ring Beverley Kingshott
Genie of the Lamp Wally Merrell
So Chin Janine Sommerville
Hi Lo David Phillips
Cyril Malcolm Kingshott / Philip Baker
Villagers Jan Turner, Sue Grace, Moyna Coates, Pat Payter, David Fowgies, David Grace, Pam Spokes, Olive Stone, Liz Skinsley, Susan Newman, Sharon Fairchild, Joanna Smith, Maria Rosewell, Christopher Lewis, Victoria Lewis, Paul Tooth
Dancers Eileen Dicker, Mo Merrell, Irene Cooper, Ena Chadwick, Jeanie Brice, Greta Blackman

Production Team
Writer & producer Judi Smith
Stage Director Ray Buckland
Stage Crew Phil Smith, Helen & Trevor Newman, Tim Dent, Bob Fennel, Bob Stone, Donna Buckland, David Goddard, Rod Chapman, John Sampson
Lighting Philip Simons, Andrew Goddard, Sue Goddard
Wardrobe Mistress Eileen Dicker
Assistants Sue Evans, Anne Edworthy, Ann Bellamy, Chris Halls, Margaret Brilliant, Marion Clarke, Jean Goddard
Properties Pam Summerlin, Alison Summerlin
Prompt Jean Goddard
Publicity "The Whitchurch News"
Musical Director David Lewis
Musicians Steve Halls (percussion), Tina Kingshott (clarinet)
Front of House Manager Phil Smith
Additional Material David Goddard, David Phillips



I. Outside Widow Twankey's Laundry
II. Outside the Magic Cave
III. The Magic Cave
IV. Outside Widow Twankey's Laundry
V. The Laundry

(interval - 20 minutes - refreshments)


I. The Emperor's Palace
II. Widow Twankey's Laundry
III. Aladdin's Palace

(interval - 10 minutes)


I. The Emperor's Palace
II. Aladdin's Palace
III. Widow Twankey's Laundry
FINALE. Outside Widow Twankey's Laundry

You all know Widow Twankey here
In red and white and all.
For she's lately joined the football club,
'Cos she's mad about football.
Every Saturday she's out there
She screams and yells and cheers,
And she'll be their best supporter
For years and years and years.

For she's football crazy, football mad
And a football it has robbed her of
The little bit of sense she had.
She launders all their kit for free
She puts them in the tub,
Since Twankey joined the members of
Peking Football Club!

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