Beauty And The Beast (28-31 Jan 1998)

programme 1998

Cast of characters

Good Fairy Verity Jean Goddard
Wicked Fairy Malevolent Christine Crabbe
Captain Nelson Slog Adrian Summerfield
First Mate Mo Merrell
Second Mate Gwyn Owen
Cabin Boy Sam Katie Dicker
Miranda Jane Subow
Rowena Lucy Baverstock
Beauty Catherine Dawson
The Beast Rachel Harris
Master John John Dicker
the Butler Dave Fowgies
Blodwyn Eileen Dicker
Rose Donna Buckland
Iris Sandra Martin
Daisy Katie Berryman
Marigold Becki Best
Chorus Katie Berryman, Becki Best, Leah Bewley, Donna Buckland, Polly Davis, Laura Fry, Kirsty Garland, Nicola Hardwell, Jenna King, Sandra Martin, Sharleen Mills, Greta Woodman
Sailors Leah Bewley, Polly Davis, Nicola Hardwell
Fuchsias Laura Fry, Kirsty Garland, Jenna King, Sharleen Mills

Production Team

Writer/Director David Goddard
Box Office Irene Brewer, Teresa Jennings
Choreographer Mo Merrell
Costume design/maker Jean Goddard
Costume assistants Molly Arthurs, Margaret Matthews, Margaret Shore, Molly Wallis, The cast, families and friends of the group
Front of House Managers Sue Gill, Carole Parsons
Front of House Team/catering Kath Bangham, Margaret Dixon, Rosemary Emery, Caroline Feltham, Mary Harris, Lyn Jones, Lyn Warren and team
Lighting Director Pete Brown
Lighting Team Jim Rogers, Shane Ebbels, Nick Adams
Make-up Jean Goddard, Teresa Jennings, Anne Smith, Irene Brewer and cast
Musical Director Martyn Hicks
Assistant to M.D. Mary Harris
Prompt Teresa Jennings
Properties Sue Grace, Val Bisgrove, Mary Morgan
Scenic Design/Painting Helen and Trevor Newman
Sound Ian Tucker
Sound Effects Ray Buckland
Set construction/design and stage crew Bernard Crabbe, Steve Gill, Bev Moon, Geoff Morgan, Brian Parsons, Phil Smith, Terry Bisgrove, Dave and Jean Goddard
Stage Manager Bernard Crabbe
Deputy Stage Manager Bev Moon
Wardrobe Mistress Jean Goddard

CLIP 1 - 1,848Kb - 1:05 - The Sailor's Hornpipe.

NODA review of "Beauty And The Beast" by representative Gerry Branton

Written by the director, this 'Beauty' had a distinctly local background. It united Bristol and the sailing of the Matthew with its nearest neighbour Wales, with the prospect of one day joining up with a bridge, or two! Severe limitations backstage never deter this enterprising club and this year was no exception with some splendid sets. Master John`s house was a masterpiece with exquisite cloths as was the Rose Garden, fully complemented by the floral quartet of  Rose, Iris, Daisy and Marigold and a charming mini-troupe of fuschias. The principal roles were well portrayed with strong characterisation and voice from the Beast, and good support from the First Mate, the two Welsh retainers and the wonderful fairies, Verity and Malevolent. Dialogue tended to flag at times but the musical interludes were well received with atmospheric-type accompaniment finding instant appeal with younger members of the audience. Lighting was effective and congratulations on the quality of the sound system, enabling us to hear so well throughout. Last but my no means least were the superb costumes, designed and made by Jean Goddard and her team, surpassing even previous years' achievements.

Well done Ecumaniacs!




(we didn't win anything unfortunately!)



I. The Port of Brigstow - outside Master John's house
II. Outside The Castle
III. The Castle Dining Room
IV. Outside The Castle
V. The Rose Garden
VI. Outside The Castle
VII. The Rose Garden


I. The Castle Dining Room
II. Outside The Castle
III. Master John's House (inside)
IV. Outside The Castle
V. The Rose Garden
VI. Outside The Castle
VII. Outside Master John's house

A picture of your webmaster as the Musical Director

musical director


Some dress rehearsal pictures follow....

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