The Sleeping Beauty (1-4 Feb 1995)

programme 1995

Cast of characters

Lord Bournville/storyteller John Bellamy
King Cadbury of Keynsham Mike Tame
Queen Caramel Christine Crabbe
Fairy Godmother Eclair Jean Goddard
Fairy Orange Cream Katie Dicker
Fairy Strawberry Cream Nicola Morgan
Fairy Lemon Cream Catherine Dawson
Fairy Coffee Cream Becky Gorf
Fairy Peppermint Cream Angela Warren
Fairy Lime Cream Bev Moon
Wicked Fairy Black Magic Jill Shore
Court Herald Topic Sue Gill
Court Herald Wispa Martyn Hicks
Nurse Dora Double-Decker David Fowgies
Court Jester Spangle John Dicker
Senor Vermicelli The Cook Steve Gill
Princess Rose Abi Park
Prince Rolo Karen Rawlings
Old Lady Daisy Donna Buckland
Woodcutter Simon Tofts
Chorus of Courtiers, Servants and Royalty Katherine Bessell, Greta Blackman, Eileen Dicker, Donna Buckland, Ann Fowgies, Mo Merrell, Sarah Skinsley, Emily Thorn, Sarah and Simon Tofts, Greta Woodman.
Dancers Greta Woodman, Eileen Dicker, Ann Fowgies, Mo Merrell

Production Team

Writer/Director David Goddard
Assistant Director Jean Goddard
Box Office Liz Skinsley
Choreographer Mo Merrell
Costume Design/Maker Jean Goddard
Costume Assistants Molly Arthurs, Marion Clarke, The cast, families and friends
Front of House Manager Caroline Feltham
Front of House Team Kath Bangham, Ange Baverstock, Paula Bewley, Neil Buckland, Jacky Davies, Matthew Goddard, Carole Parsons, Brian Woodman
Lighting Director Ray Buckland
Lighting Team Pete Brown, Ian Buckland, Shane Ebbels, Jim Rogers
Make-up Gloria Gurton, Jean Goddard
Musical Director Ian Tucker
Prompt Nina Sivier
Properties Geoff and Mary Morgan, Ann Symons
Refreshments Ann Bellamy, Mary Dixon, Rosemary Emery, Brenda Mears, Lyn Warren and team
Sound Effects Ray Buckland
Set construction/design
and stage crew
Pete Brown, Bernard Crabbe, Steve Gill, Geoff Morgan, Helen Newman, Brian Parsons, Phil Smith, Ian Tucker
Stage Manager Steve Gill
Wardrobe Mistress Jean Goddard
The Dormé Trio (band) Ian Tucker, Ian Henderson, Mike Packer

NODA review of "The Sleeping Beauty" by representative Gerry Branton

Written as well as directed by David Goddard and with incidental music composed by their MD, this panto was truly home-grown. Much local flavour was used, most notable being King Cadbury of Keynsham with the chocolate theme continuing to the delicious "cream" fairies and throughout the cast. The story stayed true to the traditional tale and was beautifully illustrated by a large story book on one side through which the main characters were introduced. Nice touch! Good scenic design made the best use of a small stage and I particularly commend the kitchen, complete with magnificent oven, wonderful forest which appeared to have such depth and the impressive bramble hedge. Props were also of an extremely high standard with a magnificent pram complete with catapult for shooting sweets(!) and lovely illuminated fairy wands.

Music, by the appropriately named Dormé Trio, was a real bonus using well-known numbers alongside those specially composed for this production with Prince Rolo`s haunting song "If I Find You...." being long remembered.

It is difficult and certainly unfair to single out any one character as all played their roles so well from the romantic Prince and Princess, outrageous Nurse Dora, good and bad fairies and humourous heralds. This was truly a team effort, beautifully and authentically costumed and imaginatively choreographed. Congratulations everyone on a splendid production.

This production was nominated for the annual Stage Electrics award for technical achievement.

CLIP 1 - 1,123Kb - 0:58 - The chef has some fun with self raising flour!
CLIP 2 - 1,183Kb - 1:02 - The end of the show.



I. The Palace Throne Room
II. A Corridor in the Palace
III. The Palace Kitchen
IV. Fairyland
V. The Palace Throne Room
VI. A Corridor in the Palace
VII. A Room in a turret of the Palace


I. The Forest
II. Somewhere in Fairyland
III. The Turret Room
IV. A Corridor in the Palace
V. The Palace Throne Room

me as a herald

Above: Your webmaster playing Wispa the Herald!
Below: Article in the Bristol Evening Post

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