Jack and the Cosmos Seeds (25-28 Jan 1989)

programme 1989

Cast of characters

Widow Stockwood Dave McNab
Jack, her son Sarah Walsh
Noel Cowardley, lodger John Phillips
Danny, friend of Jack Dave Goddard
Dolly, friend of Jack Tara McGuinness
Sir Lawrence Weston John Dicker
Penny, his daughter Victoria Goddard
Creep, his servant David Fowgies
Miss Golightly Chrissie Torpy
The Moon Witch Jean Goddard
Feminina Katie Evans
The Man in the Moon John Bellamy
Messenger Dave Thatcher
Daisy the Cow "Daisy the Cow"
Villagers, Amazons and Robots

Felicity Bisgrove, Catharine Champion-Smith, Jo Clark, Marilla Coole, Eileen Dicker, Katie Kierski, Kerry McGuinness, Mo Merrell, Bev Moon, Judi Smith, Ernie Chivers, Neil Buckland, Matthew Goddard, Ben Evans, David Grace, Jim Thatcher

Production Team

Producer Judi Smith
Stage Manager Ray Buckland
Stage Crew Paul Bellamy, Chris Bodman, Bernard Crabbe, Keith Emery, Ben Evans, Adam Fowgies, Brian Parsons, Jim Rogers, Phil Smith, Jim Thatcher and members of the cast.
Lighting/Sound Director Ian Buckland
Lighting Operator Philip Simons
Follow Spot Operators Nick Head, Adam Fowgies
Sound Effects Ray Buckland
Wardrobe Mistress Sue Evans
Wardrobe Assistants Sue Bessell, Donna Buckland, Marion Clarke, Hilary Harper, Carole Parsons and members of the cast.
Properties Ann Fowgies, Mary Houghton, Sue Grace
Make-Up Christine Crabbe, Jean Goddard, Gloria Gurton
Prompt Ann Anglin
Front Of House Jan & Neil Head
Rehearsal Refreshments Nell Hill
Interval Refreshments Margaret Dixon
Poster and Programme Design Phil Ridler
Printing Dave Moon
Production Secretary Grace Cleeve
Box Office "Auto Bitz"
Musical Director Ian Tucker
Musicians Ian Henderson, John Pickford, Dave Thatcher



I. The Stockwood's Farm
II. Moon Control
III. The Market Crossroads
IV. Weston Hall
V. The Stockwood's Farm
VI. Journey to the Moon


I. The Moon's Surface
II. Moon Control
III. The 'Black Magic' Factory
IV. Journey to the Earth
V. Outside the Village
VI. The Stockwood's Farm

Pantomime photos

moon witch   a scene

wizard of tol   robots

cast members

amazons and robots

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