Dick Whittington (22-25 Jan 1986)

programme 1986

Cast of characters

Dick Chrissie Torpy
Nigel the Cat Caroline Kingshott
Alice Fitzwarren Julie Sutor
Alderman Fitzwarren John Bellamy
Silley David Fowgies
Billy Silley David Goddard
Polly Joanna Smith
Captain Treasure John Dicker
Julian Keith Feltham
Sandy John Phillips
King Rat Stephen Halls
King of Knowle David Grace
Queen of Knowle Donna Buckland
Council Official Chris Torpy
Villagers, Sailors and Natives Bev Moon, Christine West, Rosina Hooper, Louise Chamberlain, Alison Bradley, Rachel Holland, Grace Cleeve, Margaret Dixon, Chris Halls, Pam Summerlin, Eric Cooper, Jim Thatcher, David Thatcher, Andy Sheppard, Phil Smith, Wally Merrell, Mark Chamberlain, Dave McNab, Matthew Fletcher

Eileen Dicker, Mo Merrell, Irene Cooper, Ena Miles, Jeanie Brice, Greta Blackman, Brenda Matthews

Production Team

Producer Judi Smith
Stage Manager Malcolm Kingshott
Backstage Consultant Harry Leando
Stage Crew Bernard Crabbe, Tim Dent, Mark Welton, Sandra Watson, Judith Tuss, Sara Harris, Claude Webb, Dennis Ross, Lane Edwards, Pete Leonard, Keith Emery, Paul Bellamy and members of the cast.
Set Design Helen Newman
Lighting Philip Simons, Keith Phillips, Sally Beasant
Sound Ian Buckland
Technical Co-ordinator Ray Buckland
Wardrobe Mistress Jean Goddard
Wardrobe Assistants Chris Loring, Marion Clarke, Chris Halls, Joan Goddard, Eileen Dicker, Mary Houghton and members of the cast.
Properties Anne Edworthy, Ann Fowgies, Mary Houghton
Prompt Helen West
Publicity Dennis Ross
Front of House Jan & Neil Head
Rehearsal Refreshments Nell Hill
Box Office Margaret Smith
Programme and Poster Design The Ridler Family
Musical Director Ian Tucker
The Band Ian Henderson, John Pickford, Ian Wills, Neil Buckland



I. The Quayside
II. Alderman Fitzwarren's House
III. The Grain Warehouse
IV. Alderman Fitzwarren's House
V. On Board Ship
VI. All At Sea


I. The Island of Knowle
II. The Boat, somewhere at sea
III. Alderman Fitzwarren's House
IV. Outside Bristol
V. The Grain Warehouse
VI. The Quayside


The Brilliant Madam Prod, alias beautiful, shapely caring Mrs Judi Smith has done it again - written a pantomime. "Dick Whittington" by name and  is now in the throes of producing same.
Back in the summer we read the script, tried for parts and then suddenly Prod had cast it. There we were with little appendages to our real life characters. (Will Steve Hall suddenly turn on a classroom of kids and become Ratty for a moment?)
Normally a nice well-spoken family man, John Bellamy has threatened me (Martha) with violence if I learn my words ahead of (a) him and (b) before we rehearse without scripts. "Have no fear" I said trying to placate him, "This cast is drawn into 2 camps; those who know about acting things, and me and John Dicker! I don't want to grass on the man but J.D. is still trying to learn his lines on the last night of the run!
People like Steve Halls, lovely Chrissie Torpy (who plays Dick), willowy Jo Smith, stately Donna Buckland and the perfectly formed David Goddard all know their words and have done so for weeks - the swots, crawlers, Prod's Pets, call them what you will!
Then there are the young hopefuls taking major parts for the first time. John Philips and Keith Feltham who play Julian and Sandy; Julie Sutor tackling the demanding part of Alice, Caroline Kingshott as the cat. All of them looking for guidance and encouragement from the more experienced members of the cast. Fat chance! I make a point of jeering at them, it helps stop the little devils from getting "uppy" if you get my drift!
"A panto stands or falls on its chorus" Madam P once said. Have we got a chorus? Well they've never all turned up on the same rehearsal night, but if they do get it together its going to be good. Lots of singing, movement, colour, crisp dialogue. What a line up!
Mo Merrell will once again choreograph the dancing. Very talented our stable of dancers, sometimes they even move in time to the music!
This year our musical director, Ian Tucker, is making a big effort and having a go at playing the black notes as well!
The audience must not miss one of the great duets. I won't say any more but it is in Act I scene 5.

Photos from this panto.

a scene

another scene

the cast


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