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when this site was on AOL (Sep 1997 - Feb 1999)


1) Martyn Hicks


Oct 16, 1997

Yes I know I am signing my own guest book. I have to test that it works properly. So fingers crossed, I will now submit this and see what happens.

2) John Clegg

Nailsea Theatre Club

Oct 17, 1997

Hi Martyn! Thanks for the message, and for the link from your page to Nailsea Theatre Club. I have now put a link back to you on ours. All the best John

3) Martyn Hicks

Oct 21, 1997

Hmmm, not many messages yet. Still, time will tell!

4) Ian Tucker


Oct 26, 1997

Herro Martyn, Thanks for adding the link, I have returned the favour. Best of luck with Beauty and the Beast. Ian.

5) Stephen Dyer

Southam,middle england

Nov 4, 1997

Absolutely splendid old chap....what's with the little birdies though eh? The background is very restful though,a splendid homepage! oh...I said splendid twice...never mind..... bye bye....

6) Mr Bev Berridge


Dec 7, 1997

I thought I would just say 'Hi' and good luck with your forthcoming 'Beauty & The Beast' - I run a professional pantomime Company and as such am always intersted in other productions - 3 of our productions last year were 'Beauty & The Beast' - Best of Luck and Break a leg!

7) undisclosed (from the school Santa Fe Christian)

Solana Beach, California

Dec 8, 1997

you should have a chat room and more stuff about different productions round about not just only yours.

8) Martyn Hicks

Bristol of course

Dec 9, 1997

Now this is more like it!

9) will davies

naxos greece

Dec 13, 1997

just to say hello from an ex-whitchurchonian from far flung parts good luck with all you do.yassas!

10) Mike Horne

Little Hadham Pantomime Group (Herts)

Dec 15, 1997 /

Just thought I'd pay a visit to your site as you visited ours. Nicely presented, and good content. I've put a link on our Resources page for you and all the other pantomime related sites contained in your links.

11) Actors Networking Link Page------International


Dec 17, 1997

Nice web page look forward to seeing you. Fred & Will

12) Steve White

West Wickham Kent

Dec 27, 1997

Hi just calling to say hello. am working on a production of Cinderella and ned some help? Steve

13) Michael Rivett-Carnac

Guernsey, Channel Islands

Jan 1, 1998

I will be visiting Bristol in early 1998 with my family and am looking for family things to do. Any suggestions for sources of information?

14) Chris Hunt


Jan 2, 1998

Hello Martyn, I've finally added a comment. Nice page, love the psychedelic background - keep up the good work! Seeya, Chris.

15) Gary the Mime

Las Vegas, Nevada USA

Jan 16, 1998

It is a pleasure to find your page on the web. I am a mime artist in Las Vegas, NV USA. I am a performing mime artist, not a Las Vegas Production show entertainer. I love our craft!! Please visit my URL listed above, and also take a look at look at my link sites! Best Regards, Gary

16) Terry L. Todd

Denver, Colorado, USA

Jan 21, 1998

Hello! Could you possibly help me by putting me in touch with a mime artist in Seattle, Washington, USA? I am teaching a class in communication and would love to have someone come in as a guest, who could introduce the craft of mimery or pantomime to my students. Thanks!

17) Secret admirer

No.44 somewhere in Whitchurch

Feb 1, 1998

I still feel the same as I did last year remember when you stood in Pete's shoes. Just ask Ian or Shane!!!! You made beautiful music for me on Friday night, have the petals on your rose wilted yet?? Am I your beauty or the beast??? Can you guess my name??? P.S. Web site fab, but slow response why aren't you on demon?

18) Wendy (the Crocodile)

The Algarvians 'Peter Pan',Lagos,Portugal

Feb 2, 1998

Just had a very successful and packed 5 performance run at our local cultural centre. What fun! We had a lot of new young thesbians this year, and it feels great to be carrying on with the English pantomime tradition in a corner of Portugal. Break a leg!

19) Alf the gnome

No fixed abode

Feb 4, 1998

Hello, I thought I would pay a visit. I thoroughly enjoyed being part of the flower garden in Beauty And The Beast, it was ever so cosy if somewhat short lived, but I could do without all the publicity. I wish I could settle down somwehere but wherever I go I seem to cause hassle. Anyway I must go because I am not sure who is watching! Thanks for letting me be part of the cast and maybe I will get a part in your next show. All the best, Alf.

20) john roberts

ellesmere port

Feb 8, 1998

good to see a website like this

21) UKHostNat


Feb 24, 1998

Nice background and good imformative pages, keep up the good work. It would be good to get your next production mentioned! If you give people plenty of time, they may just come and watch your plays.

22) Vlad the Viking


Feb 26, 1998


Hmmm, large city, should be some booty here..... whats this? amateur thespians? oh no...... -RUN FOR THE HILLS!!!!!!!

23) Flavio DeRosa

Basel, Switzerland

Mar 1, 1998

It's refreshing to see a panto page on the web. I am the artistic director (writer and production team member) for the Basel English Panto Theatre (well at least that's its name this year). We started 5 years ago with Cinderella (a "bought script") which was held on a makeshift stage in the Crossair flight simulator room (I kid you not). Since then we have done Aladdin (sent in ancient Egypt) and Babes in The Glen (a Scottish version of Babes in The Woods (which we wrote) This years magnum opus will be Robin Hood and His Merry Men (or should I say persons). The aim of our group is to bring the English panto tradition to the large English speaking community, here in Basel (although we try and inject as much local material as possible. We aim to have as high standards as possible - but to also have as much fun as possible. I hope to hear from any "panto-people" FDR

24) Janine

at work - sort of

Mar 3, 1998

I'm impressed! I didn't realise pantos were such happening things. Well good luck with the next one and I'll be on the look-out for some complimentary tickets (especially if it clashes with a work night).

25) Jeffrey O. Ward

Manti ,Utah ,USA

Mar 23, 1998

I love Pantomime I compete tomorrow and hope to walk away a winner. I LOVE YOUR SITE

26) Russ Winston


Mar 25, 1998

come visit the Childrens Theatre Pages



Apr 5, 1998

I am 7 years old and love clowns and mime. Any information about how to learn more would be great!!

28) Howard Dallimore

North Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Apr 5, 1998

I am a member of the St. Martin's Players, an Anglican church based drama group. We have staged three pantomimes to date, all of which have been successfull. We value the way in which these productions have drawn people together. We literally have people from the age of three to well over seventy working together. If you have any panto scripts available, please let me know. By the way, I am originally from Cardiff.

29) Caroline Smith

Stirling, Ontario, Canada

Apr 14, 1998

Great to read all the brill comments from everywhere! We're a professional theatre company in eastern Ontario, and I too am looking for Panto scripts, specifically for "Cinderella" which we're thinking of doing this Christmas. We did our first Panto last December and sold out - once we managed to convince people around here that Pantomime is not Mime, and yes, there is singing and dancing and comedy... Looking forward to getting in touch with other Panto groups and best wishes to all! Caroline

30) gennielynn yacono

whidbey island, washington usa

Apr 16, 1998

With the use of only my hands in order to speak from one mime to another i wish you all continued success. I am also interested in finding out if there are any video's on mime's anywhere? I have been unable to locate any, as of this date. If you are able to help would you please be kind enough to point me in the right direction. thank you so much. gennielynn

31) Andrew Wang

56, Tower Road, Ware, Herts., SG12 7LW

May 9, 1998

A well laid out web site with clear links. Perhaps some photographs of previous productions could be included. Best wishes with your next production.

32) Richard Mollart

Woodhouse Eaves, Loughborough, Leics.

May 12, 1998

What a great site. We are a village pantomime group called the Beacon Players. I was trying to search the Web for info on pantos. We are particularly keen to get a source of new scripts. The last few have been by John Morley and we would like a change. Are your scripts ever used by other groups - a royalty would be paid of course! Best of luck with your next production Regards Richard Mollart

33) Bernard Melling

St. Bernadette's Players, Bispham, Blackpool

May 15, 1998

If you have any scripts for sale, any chance of looking at them? If so please write to me: J Bernard Melling at 108 Ashfield Rd. Bispham BLACKPOOL FY2 0EN. Thanks. We are always on the lookout for good Panto scripts!!!

34) Brian Dorscht

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Jun 1, 1998

Great site! Great info for we who are just entering the exciting possibilities in producing what we hope to be our annual PANTOS!

35) Yuri Pantioukhin

Eugene, Oregon,USA

Jun 7, 1998

I'm a friend and sponsor of a pantomime theater in Irkutsk(Siberia),Russia. I have arranged their shows in Belgium and France, and I'm interested to find new contacts for them. Sincerely, Yuri

36) Jenna king


Jun 21, 1998

GOOD LUCK Mo now your in charge.Looking forward to the next production. From Jenna

37) Ozan Karahan

Luginetsky - Siberia - Russia

Jul 12, 1998

Hi, I am a Turkish amateur theater player. I am working in Russia now. I am surfing through theatrical web pages. You are welcome if you want to send an e-mail.

38) Iain MacBeath


Jul 26, 1998

Brilliant web-page. I'm trying to get some tips so I can start a website for our pantomime society in Barnsley - 'The Green Road Thespians Society' - or GROTS as it is affectionately. I'm greatly impressed - keep up the good work! Iain MacBeath

39) Sherry Martinez

Dawson Springs, Kentucky United States

Aug 8, 1998

Hi there! I work with disadvantaged children and would like to form a group of (13-17year old)performers. I'm completely in the dark about where to get started. I saw something once where the performers wore black costumes and fluorescent gloves, shoes and masks and used blacklights to illuminate them. Trouble is, I don't really know where to get started. Can you help a new friend across the ocean. Any advise will be greatly appreciated! Sherry

40) Miguel

Torreon, Coah. MEXICO !!!!!!

Aug 12, 1998

Hola a todos, me agrada la electronica, programacion, Pantomima, UFO's, mIRC (Red Latina #torreon nick:mash), Visiten mipagina se las recomiendo. mi ICQ = 14958464 contactenme !!!!!!!!!!!!! mo vemos luego ma chaá

41) Jessica

Aug 12, 1998

Hey! I am starting a drama club for some young kids this fall. I want to teach them a little about pantomime as well as many other things. I'd like to know if there are some books or skits that the kids can act out with their mime make-up on. Can you help?

42) Martyn Hicks

hot and sunny Bristol (makes a change!)

Aug 19, 1998

I am impressed! It is nice to see comments from around the world! Even in a foreign language!!!!! Keep the messages coming guys!

43) Sigmah


Aug 23, 1998

thanks for visiting my webpage about Whitchurch. I am impressd with the front page of yours. How do you do the visitor-specific counter that keeps track of how many times I have visited your page? The general counter of total visitors is common, but to keep track of indviduals is really neat.

44) Martyn Hicks


Sep 29, 1998

Here we go then with the second year of the guestbook. Many thanks for your messages during the first year.

45) Clare Grierson

A+M Hire Limited

Oct 6, 1998

Hi, I am writing to introduce our company, although you may have heard of us already. We are a very large prop house - 150,000 square feet of furniture and dressings, modern to medieval. We offer all theatre groups a special rate. Please feel free to come and have a look around. We are able to send you photographs of our stock if you are unable to visit. Cheers Clare

46) Harry Hairball


Oct 7, 1998

This page seems to be lacking in the SPAM department!!!

47) Dave Korman

Sutton, Surrey

Nov 16, 1998

Great site! best wished from a fellow Pantomaniac

48) colin rodgers

Cottage of England Balboa park san diego

Nov 19, 1998

The cottage of england pantomime group wishes you all a merry Xmas

49) M.E.Foley

Palo Alto, California, USA

Nov 21, 1998

Interesting site -- but when I saw that you say these pages take you "behind the scenes" I thought there would be more info, maybe pictures of behind-the-scenes aspects of the productions. Of course -- the audience always wants MORE. I've only managed to get to the UK during the panto season once, but thought the Cinderella I got to see then (in Wimbledon) was FABULOUS. I want very much to learn more about pantos, but there seems to be NO material to read over here. What are all those things that the audience says say during the performances? oompah-oompah? hunh? Are there any books on panto? All information gratefully, nay, HUNGRILY accepted. M.E.Foley

50) Happy Harry the Insomniac

somewhere near

Nov 21, 1998

martin , very impressed , hidden talents , I thought the 2nd mate was the best ( big clue ) .

51) Candy Cane

New York

Nov 24, 1998

I love Pantomime!!!!

52) Brian Murphy

Pill, North Somerset

Nov 29, 1998

I was very impressed by your WebSite presentation.

53) amy scicluna- pulse youth and community arts


Dec 4, 1998

You website is really fascinating, I wondered if you could send me any information about the play the snow queen. As we are performing february 1999 and need help with costume designs.

54) Samantha Thomas


Dec 21, 1998

Hi it's sam here just like to say that you have quite an intereting web page as it is very welcoming and catchy to the eye. I'd like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year! see ya sam

55) Therese

Vienna/ Austria

Dec 21, 1998

Hi, I love pantomime and just surfed the net for pantomime productions. Where do you think are the best places in Europe to learn pantomime and how long does it take? What kind of specific talent does a pantomime artist need in comparison to another actor? i would love to get more informationf rom you adn to stay int ouch. thanks and merry christmas, therese

56) Tin Tin Ploppy Pants


Jan 3, 1999

Martwang....check out, specifically the fart-filter....have fun...Tin Tin.



Jan 13, 1999

WHOOPS! Sorry, due to an oversight on my part when altering this page I have deleted ONE entry!!!! Apologies to the person (female) who left the message around the 11th of January!!!!!

58) Amanda Davis


Jan 28, 1999

Thank you for making such a great web sight. It is really cool that you have a sight like this I was looking up Marcel Mareau and this web page really did help me alot so thank you alot for what you have done

59) Brigitte Bischoff-Doll

45699 Herten / Germany

Feb 3, 1999

Isn't it a pity that you are not performing when we visit Bristol on April 3rd! We are an amateur group from Germany, and we regularly perform in our twin town (Doncaster) - in English. After many Brecht plays (and a few Shakespeares) it is a play about the "Nibelungs" this year Afterwards we always stop in some interesting spot, and we had been hoping (and have not given up hope yet) to attend an English performance that suit the whole group (age range from 11 to 27). But perhaps you invite us to your millenium party... B. B-Doll