Old St. Augustine's Church and hall

The front of St Augustine's old Church from the car park.
Shame about the clouds but the sun is out nicely lighting up the building.

The rear of St Augustine's old Church from the recreation ground.
A nice patch of blue sky.

It is planned that the church and its adjoining hall and stage will be demolished due to structural problems. This shock news is a result of problems with the roof which apparently would cost more to repair than to demolish/rebuild! These photos were taken on 18 May 2001 just in case this happens so we can look back at how the church looked!
May 2002 - our panto for 2003 will be the last at St. Augustine's because plans are being considered to start constructing the new church and demolishing the old sometime after Easter 2003 - but plans are to be finalised.
March 2003 - plans for the new church have been on view to the public but as yes there is still no fixed timetable to demolish and rebuild but our last panto was certainly the last one to be performed at St. Augustine's.
September 2003 - the church and hall are now likely to be demolished in Spring 2004 - although this has not been confirmed.
August 2004 - well the old church is still standing!! Planning permission has been granted for the new church but as yet it has not been started due to funding issues it is believed. The saga continues!!
September 2006 - The church is still standing - at this time it seems that it will not be rebuilt. However we have settled into our new home now so the group will not be affected by whatever happens to St. Augustine's.
December 2007 - The church has been closed down due to thieves stealing the lead from the roof therefore letting rainwater in. But still no news about its demolition and the building of a new church.

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