Puss In Boots (25-28 Jan 1984)

programme 1984
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Cast of characters

Miller's Son Ollie David Fowgies
Miller's Son Stan George Upton
Miller's Son Colin Sarah Baker
Puss Erica Jordan
Mrs. Horner Malcolm Kingshott
Jack Horner John Dicker
Mr. Snatchit David Goddard
Violet-Elizabeth Snatchit Jean Goddard
King "Jim" Trevor Newman
Queen Angora Chrissie Torpy
Princess Rose Christine Hodkin
The Wizard of Tol John Bellamy
Felina, the cat fairy Jean Penny
Equerry David Grace
Palace staff and farmers Bev Moon, Helen Searle, Caroline Kingshott, Donna Buckland, Joan Mizon, Margaret Newman, Helen Smith, Janet Thomas, Ian Wills, David Grace, Keith Feltham, Philip Baker, Grace Cleeve, Margaret Dixon, Eric Cooper, Phil Smith, Wally Merrell

Eileen Dicker, Mo Merrell, Irene Cooper, Ena Miles, Jeanie Brice, Greta Blackman, Brenda Matthews

Production Team

Producer Judi Smith
Producer's Assistant Caroline Kingshott
Stage Manager John Barrow
Assistant Stage Manager Helen Barrow
Stage Crew Bernard Crabbe, Tim Dent, Bob Fennel, Mike Gates, Steve Halls, Tina Kingshott
Set Design Helen Newman
Lighting Philip Simons, Keith Phillips, John Phillips
Sound Ian Buckland
Technical Co-ordinator Ray Buckland
Wardrobe Mistress Sue Evans
Wardrobe Assistants Marion Clarke, Chris Halls, Eileen Dicker, Ann Edworthy, Rosemary Emery, Jenny Caie, Hilary Harper, Diane Delve
Properties Anne Edworthy, Ann Fowgies, Sue Grace
Prompt Anne Symons
Publicity "The Whitchurch News"
Musical Director Ian Tucker
The Band John Pickford, Mark Chamberlain, Aidan Craig



I. Outside the Mill in the land of Bris
II. The Woods
III. The Throne Room at the Palace
IV. The River Bank
V. The Palace
VI. The Wizard of Tol's Castle


I. The Mill Kitchen
II. The Woods
III. The Palace
IV. The Wizard of Tol's Castle
V. The Woods
VI. Outside the Mill in the land of Bris


It's pantomime time in Whitchurch with another production by The Ecumaniacs at St. Augustine's Centre. The Ecumaniacs are a group of youngsters and some not quite so young relatively inexperienced players who hope to enjoy themselves in these performances.
The pantomime is written by Judi Smith and it is her third production. Some of the regulars include John Bellamy as "the Wicked Wizard" - he really is loud at the rehearsals. Malcolm Kingshott plays Mrs Horner, the Dame, another "feminine" performance can be expected.
One of the new features is a slapstick scene which requires some slick timing and professionalism, that could present problems with Stan and Ollie (George Upton and David Fowgies), Jack and Mrs Horner (John Dicker and Malcolm Kingshott) taking part.
Of course there is some romance for the delightful Violet Elizabeth (Jean Goddard). Her husband Dave plays Mr Snatchit. V.E is actually his daughter (funny that really cos they're married).
Some newcomers include Erica, as the "Puss", Trevor Newman as the "King", Jean Penry as "Felina", Colin another of the miller's sons, is played by Sarah Baker who was Cinderella in the last production. Our thanks are due to Chrissie Torpy who stepped in as a replacement for Queen Angora as Pam Summerlin had to withdraw.
Of course I'm sure you will recognise some of the characters in the crowd scenes who include Jan Wills (how does Judi manage it - another curate!). Phil Smith and the dancers are suitably organised by Mo Merrell again.
Thanks are due to Ian Tucker for music at all the rehearsals, Nell who makes the tea, the folks who have backed us with advertising, Hartcliffe School for printing the programmes and all the many folk who have helped with the backstage and so on.
The production is for church funds so please come along and enjoy yourselves.

A few photos.
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a scene

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