The TMB has to climb approx 1800 metres in approx 5km.
That means some of the gradients are quite steep and a rack
and pinion is used - as you can see here.

Before climbing the mountain the Tramway du Mont
Blanc passes through quiet rural villages.

A bit of a dirty window but one of the three trams is seen
here - Marie. We are riding on the tram called Anne.
The other tram is called Jeanne.

A bit further up the journey and the gradients start
to get quite steep indeed. The trams have powerful
motors to pull them and passengers up.

Here is a photo of Jeanne just coming down to pass us so
we can continue our journey upwards.
Stunning scenery too.

Even further up (Bellevue passing place) and yet
another incredible steep climb awaits.

A view from the Eagle's Nest showing Jeanne on the journey
up the mountain to deliver and collect more passengers.

Close to the Eagle's Nest and you can see how the
railway line was carved out of the rock and is
close to steep drops - walking this route is not for
the faint-hearted!

Before the the current trams were used this steam train
used to haul passengers. Note the special sloping tank
designed because of the steep gradients.

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