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There are many different counter/stats tracking services out there on the WWW begging you to use their services. This is just a fun little page with a varied selection of FREE counters/stats trackers so you can see what they are like and what they offer. Enjoy!!! Some counter services make you display monstrous banner ads - I haven't included any of them here. Plus all the stats trackers apart from SiteMeter and Stats4all only track this page because it is time consuming to add the code to all pages - they are just a guide for you the user to see what they are like if you want to install them on your site.

Please note due to the lengthy code some counters require this page may take a little while to fully load. Thanks.

Due to the way the counters work their counts will probably differ quite a bit over a period of time!!

Why not visit and for details on many different counter services available.

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display, if applicable)
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Multiple pages can be tracked - Started on this page 13/11/2001.
A counter is not displayed - this is primarily a stats service.
Unobtrusive graphic. Expanded tracking by placing on main section pages for
2002 onwards.

SURF ALL DAY @ BAJA.COM / the interactive peninsula!
Cool Counters @


Another simple to set up counter service with various styles to choose from.
Started 16/11/2001. For some reason the counter seems to have reset itself
March or April 2003 - I cannot remember what the value was before it reset!!


I have been using Bravenets services (poll) for a while so have set up their
counter on this page - quite simple and easy. Started 13/11/2001.
Is it set to record "visits" and not "page hits" - up to 3 free counters allowed
but only one style of counter now that they have upgraded their service.

Powered by


A JAVA APPLET counter. Quiet simple to set up and a variety of styles to
choose from. Quite a cool "odometer" effect of rolling digits.
Started on 13/11/2001 - noticed count seems to have reset sometime in
2006 and again sometime later - nothing to do with me!! Seems to be a bit unreliable.


Invited to sign up to the counter by the developer. A number of different styles and colours to choose from. Started 11/08/2011


Yet another simple to set up free counter - register and paste some code and
that is it. Started 08/02/2002

Crazy Hit Counters
CrazyCounters *NEW* Choose from more than 30 different counter styles, just fill in some
basic information about your website and you're ready to go - copy and paste
a little snippet of code wherever you want your new counter to appear.
If you're more of the subtle type don't worry Crazy Counters offers plenty of
conservative web counters that despite the name of the website are not so
'crazy' at all, on top of plenty of fun styles to choose from. Started 15/10/2007.


An easy to set up service that can have code on multiple pages to track
site hits. Started this counter on 13/11/2001.
Does not display a hit counter. Tracking service.
Now installed on main pages from Jan 2002. This version now out of date.
free counters Flag Counter A customisable and free visitor tracker that displays number of visitors from each country. Installed on 17/12/2010.


A web counter/stats service that can track multiple pages on the same site.
Counter digits style can be chosen from a huge selection. 
Started 13/11/2001
For some strange reason the counter value reset on 07/06/2002 !!!


Free and subscription service - I am using OneStat Lite just to
track this page only. Started 22/04/2002
  Pax Counters Offers free web page hit counters for your website. Load our hit counter code to count the visitors to your site. Totally Free. We have hundreds of different web counter styles to choose from. Started 16/03/2011 and counting page hits.

RevolverMaps Free visitor tracker that displays visit count and also location of visitors on an excellent flash revolving map. Easy to set up. Installed on 22/07/2010.

Site Meter


Started on website on 01/11/2000 - quite a good free counter/stats - 
can be customised as various styles - small or large digits/animation. 
Code can be placed on multiple pages. Can be set to start from a desired
value if replacing another counter! This counter value has the total count
since Martyn's Mix was launched.
NOTE: In May 2004 the hard drive on the server holding my
stats for this site CRASHED, and the data was unrecoverable.
Sitemeter did not have a valid backup of data so I lost 3 YEARS worth of stats -
just so that you are aware!!!!


Started on website on 20/07/2002. 
Few lines of code and many different styles to choose from.


One of the earliest counter services to be launched on the WWW.
Quite a simple service - can be set with a starting value.
Started this counter on 13/11/2001.


Another easy to set up and install counter service. Average size banner.
This counter started 16/11/2001

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