Eeeeuuurgh! Nice picture! Here I am on my way to Disneyland in Gary's car. I was not quite as excited as I look here - in fact I was a bit tired, well, VERY tired at having got up at 5am that day!

Someone with less stamina than I have at 8am in the morning. Mr Pete Brown cannot stand the excitement of the M25 and has fallen asleep. Ah well. cannot be helped I suppose for the M25 is such an interesting motorway!

Here is the chauffer, Gary, and our courier for Disneyland. He is a happy soul, literally - look at the pleasure in his face. We are all excited about going to Disneyland.

This is a photo of one of the Eurotunnel Shuttle engines. It is not the one that pulled us through the tunnel. We are already in a train and I photographed this out of the window.

Here are Gary and Pete, happy to be under the English Channel (well Gary is anyway - I think Pete was still tired - I did ask him to smile!). The whole journey only takes about 35 minutes from Folkestone to Calais and we had to fill in a questionnaire!! We are in one of the double deck car sections of the shuttle.

French autoroutes are remarkably similar to British motorways, except that you drive on the right of course, and the road signs are a little different, and the speed limit is slightly higher, and you have to pay tolls on the majority of them.



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