We had printed instructions on how to get to Disneyland but at times it was a bit confusing following the map and relating it to road signs on the autoroutes in France, but we didn't get lost, except when we had to try and find a petrol station.

This is a view down the main 'street' of the Hotel Cheyenne - the themed hotel we stayed in at Disneyland Paris. you can see just how authentic it all looks and you can imagine what it must have been like living in the Wild West. The only thing that looks slightly out of character here is the battery powered rubbish and laundry cart that you can see in the centre of the picture. They certainly didn't have them in the Wild West! And this picture was taken on our last day when the sun decided to come out! All the other days were cloudy with drizzle!

Another view of the main street in the Hotel Cheyenne, on a cloudy day. Even though the weather was not very good we still enjoyed ourselves very much.

This is a view down one of the side streets of the hotel complex, showing the Doc Holliday block of rooms. There are at least 10 blocks of rooms, each with a different name from the Wild West.

This is another block of rooms at the Hotel Cheyenne. This view taken from out of the window of the room we were staying in, number 1088 in the block called Sundance.

The restaurant/cafe of the hotel is seen here - aptly named the Chuck Wagon Cafe. It doesn't look big but it is huge inside to cater for the large number of guests staying, particularly in the Summer - even when we went in December it was crowded.


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