To make the hotel even more authentic, horses plodded around outside the Chuck Wagon. Due to all the rain you can see the sand is awash with water and the horses seemed quite miserable. In the background you can see the Red Garter saloon bar - the pub in which we supped large quantities of ale on several occasions!

A photo of the hotel block we stayed in - Sundance - the room was very nice and comfortable and warm - even in the grips of the cold and wet weather we were having at the time (although this was taken on our last day when it was sunny!)

I took this picture to remind myself of the decor in Sundance. Again it has that Wild West feel to it and great attention was paid to detail.

Here are Shane and Pete (looking happier this time) in our room at the hotel (it looks dark because we didn't have many lights on (and one of the light bulbs in a table lamp had blown!). This was the day that Gary ate something that made him feel ill and was sick (yuk) and to make matters worse Pete managed to knock a glass of water over him while he was sleeping. I know it wasn't funny but I laughed hysterically. Pete and Gary were not amused but in the end they found it funny.

Here are the lads again, and the funny thing is they are not walking towards the camera! No, they are walking backwards, honestly. This is on the path from the hotel to Disney Village and I cannot remember what Pete is pointing at!

This is looking out over the lake at the hotel complex towards Disney Village, a large entertainment centre with restaurants, shops and arcades.


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