This is the entrance at the back of Disney village, with access to and from the hotel complex. Lots of shops and restaurants.

The main entrance to Disney village is opposite the main entrance to Disneyland itself and is the best way to enter the complex with places like Planet Hollywood and Annette's just inside.

A photo of the outside wall of the large globe restaurant that calls itself Planet Hollywood. We did not get to eat in there because it was always so busy and we didn't quite have to the time to go in. It is quite an impressive building.

Opposite Planet Hollywood is Annette's Diner - a restaurant with a fifties theme. Essentially a fast food restaurant it is a good place to eat. Entertainment varies but one evening when we were there staff stood on tables and started whipping up enthusiasm by singing old songs. It was very interesting - especially watching the roller-skating waitresses zoom around and not crashing in to anything (much!!)

The Gaumont cinema in Disney village - we did not go in and I cannot remember if they were showing films in French or English - you can see there is a James Bond film showing but in which language I do not know! Just to the left is the Wild West show which we were planning to go and watch but it was not being performed on the days that we were there which is a shame! However we did manage to see the show during our visit in 2000 and it was a fantastic show with lots of audience participation, good food and competitions, plus a hat to take home!

Gary and Shane are larking about here at the main entrance to Disneyland Paris on a wet and cold day, but spirits were high and we spent nearly the entire time that the park was open inside, which in December is 10am until 6pm.


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