I don't know quite how tall Disneyland's christmas tree was but it was extremely tall, as you can see by this picture. I am trying to imagine how it was transported from wherever it came (Norway?) to France and erected at the top of Main Street USA. It looked fantastic - in fact all of the decorations were amazing, and looked even better in the dark when they held their tree lighting ceremony.

This is one of the Disneyland Steam railroad engines that run on a track taking passengers around the edge of Disneyland. We used this form of transport several times to save walking all the time. We are stopped at the station where water is taken on board into a big tank.

Managed to get the driver to look in my direction when taking this photo, and I didn't even have to shout "Oi, mush!". In fact he was looking this way anyway, talking to the other bloke stood there when filling the tanks with water.

This photo is only in the collection because I like swans. I think they are graceful birds even if they can be a bit vicious, as one chap found out as he tried to stroke one and the swan decide to take a bit of a peck at him! The ducks and swans on the lake must be fat as they seem to be fed by humans quite a lot. We fed them too with bits of popcorn, and there were quite a lot of swans.

This was one of our favourite bits in Disneyland - the rope and wood suspension bridge which bounced around a lot if you jumped up and down on it.

You cannot see us very well, but this is Pete, Gary and me (you can just see my grimacing face in the middle) trying to pull Excalibur's sword from the stone. Shane was taking the picture.


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