This is Big Thunder Mountain - one of the thrill rides in Disneyland - it is also one of our favourites, apart from Space Mountain. You can see one of the trains zooming around the corner. At one point the ride had to be closed for some reason in late afternoon after some heavy rain, and it didn't open for the rest of the day. We don't know what happened, but it was active again the next day.

This was taken during an actual ride on Thunder Mountain. The train is being hauled slowly up a slope on a chain so it was easy to get a steady picture. I think we must have ridden this ride about 10 times during the few days we were there. Thankfully the queues were not very long and the waiting time was about 15 minutes maximum (compared to about an hour during the summer - if you can put up with the weather being not quite as good as in the Summer months, December is a good month to visit Disneyland).

A bit of a shaky picture this, but then we are travelling at great speed down a fast section of the thunder Mountain thrill ride. If you have ridden this ride you will probably recognise it as the bit before going into darkness and travelling down under the lake and coming up the other side before slowing down for the end of the ride.

I managed to snap Shane in this "God, I am bored" pose. This was when Gary started to feel unwell and we popped to the First Aid post for some advice.

This is not a very clear picture but you can make out the lights of Main Street USA with the tall Christmas tree in the centre of the picture lit up with what must be thousands of light bulbs. This is about 6:15pm when the park is closing and everyone is making their way out of the park. We had just been the very last people to ride on the "Pirates of the Carribbean" ride in the opposite side of the park (quite a privilege) and were also some of the last few people to walk through that side of Disneyland, being guided towards the exit by staff - it was very quiet and spooky walking through a near deserted theme park!

This is a night-time picture of the rotating planets on top of the Space Mountain ride. Another picture of this ride, taken during the day, is later in this section.

Before we left Disneyland on our last day we went to see one of the shows performed by Disney cast members. This one was called "Mickey's Winter Wonderland". One thing that we found funny was the way the French pronounce the main Disney characters' names, particularly Donald Duck who is spelt Donal (without a 'd'), and Mickey Mouse who is spelt the same but pronounced "Meekeh", and Pluto who is spelt Plut (without an "o") - click on a name to hear the pronounciation. We couldn't help but giggle every time we heard this.


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