This is me looking scared outside the haunted house. I have never really liked haunted houses or ghost trains since I was little when I was scared out of my wits. But this haunted house is not really scary. In fact it is quite impressive. The whole ride takes place underground and you first have to go down in a 'lift' which has a quite clever visual effect where the walls stretch and the hanging pictures get taller as you sink into the ground. Than you sit in a large chair which swivels around pointing you in different directions to see the 'scary' things. It is good.

We had to wait nearly 2 hours for a Eurotunnel shuttle on the way back to England - this was because we stayed a bit longer than planned in Disneyland and didn't leave there until 3pm so we didn't make our scheduled shuttle departure. We travelled in one of the sections specially for coaches and this photo was taken of the loading/unloading area when I was waiting to go to the little boys room! You can just see the flaps either side that are lowered to let cars anc coaches on and off of the shuttle.

This is probably a sight not many people see on the shuttle if travelling by car. This is on the way back to England and we were in a section for coaches, but 2 sections were left empty probably for safety reasons, and when we wanted to go to the toilets we had to walk through the empty sections and the loading/unloading bay, so I made sure that I took a picture so I could remember the moment. They do not allow flash photography as it interferes with their fire detection systems so fortunately I was using my digital camera with no flash and was able to take this picture. You can also see Pete who was looking at the information board.

This is one of a few pictures taken in August when we visited Disneyland at the end of our holiday to Chamonix - you can tell because we are in T-shirts and shorts due to the very warm weather. Shane, Gary and Pete are standing in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle.

Here I am, standing in front of Sleeping Beauty's castle. Another photo taken (I think by Shane) during our summer visit to Disneyland in August.

Here is a picture of the thrill ride, Space Mountain, taken in August. This must be my most favourite ride in Disneyland. It is a roller coaster ride in total darkness and includes a loop-the-loop and corkscrew. At the start of the ride you are 'catapulted' at great speed up a slope in a tube (seen in the picture, attached to the roof of the ride) rather than slowly pulled up on a ratchet, then on into the darkness for a tremendous thrill.

Here is a photo of Sleeping Beauty's castle at night, taken in August when the park was open for longer (in August it is open from 9am until 11pm). There was still lots to be seen at night, including the incredible Main Street Electrical Parade, where a carnival of floats decorated in thousands of light bulbs make their way down a darkened Main Street. It is an amazing sight.


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