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Porlock Hill
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Photos taken of the bottom section of Porlock Hill.
Please be patient while photos download - thanx.

The signs warning drivers about the impending steep hill and toll road.

Approaching the hill - it is not that steep here.

A fairly innocent sign that soon reveals a challenging drive uphill.

Closer to the steep part - the signs indicate the A39 is about to become interesting.

A closer view of the sign that either strikes fear or excitement into drivers.

Looks are deceptive - just around the corner is a wickedly steep climb! Note the
national speed limit sign - you are allowed to go 60mph up this hill - YEAH RIGHT!!

And up we go! Just look at the steepness here - I love driving this hill - and this is
just the beginning of the 1 in 4 climb - the house on the left has had narrow escapes
over the years with out-of-control coaches crashing into the wall in the front garden!

Looking down the steep 1 in 4 bottom bend - you could smell the hot brakes
of many cars as they slowly came down - you can see an "escape bay" behind
the red car for any out of control vehicles to crash into!!!!

There is another vicious 1 in 4 hairpin bend halfway up Porlock Hill but due to the nature of the hill it would not be possible to walk or cycle to it to take a photo, and stopping a vehicle on the escape pit there is not recommended - just in case of runaways! A photo might be able to be taken on the move but vehicle occupants tend to be somewhat taken aback to do anything!!!

To finish with, three old photos of Porlock Hill

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