To start this section off we have a picture of one of the horses at Horse Guards Parade on Whitehall. I am always amazed at the composure of these animals who stand there calmly in all weathers with all sorts of tourists coming up to them taking pictures and stroking them - while I was there a little boy was making a great deal of fuss and noise around the horse but it dodn't even flinch. They must have had a great deal of training.

This is one of the guards sat on a horse at Horse Guards. It must be a great honour to do this job - it must also be very boring having to sit there for hours on end doing nothing. This chap certainly looked bored and kept casting glances at the little boy who was being a bit of a nuisance around the horse.

The guard on his horse. Looking at the uniform the guard is wearing makes me wonder if he has to wear it in the summer - if he does he must get very hot when the sun is out on very warm days.

The other guard on his horse. I wonder how much they get paid to do this job. It must be quite a lot!

More horses, this time with policeman and policewoman. This picture was taken not far from Trafalgar Square. These horses must have to be trained hard as well to cope with the noise of the traffic.

This is Nelson's Column in Trafalgar Square which was erected in 1843 and commemorate Nelson's role in the Battle of Trafalgar. One of London's best known monuments. Trafalgar Square is a site of revelry during New Year parties.

The houses of parliament - including the House of Lords, the House of Commons, Big Ben clock tower. All the business of the United Kingdom Parliament are conducted within these walls. Pictures of Big Ben are next in this section.


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