One of London's most famous landmarks is Tower Bridge, designed by Sir Horace Jones and completed in 1894. It is an openable bascule bridge constructed of stone bearing masonry and iron. This view is taken from the Tower Pier area. You can see the number of tourists are high in winter.

A closer view of Tower Bridge. In the 19th century the bridge was the only practical way over the Thames and the horse drawn carriages could queue for hours to cross. To allow the large masted ships of the day to sail up the Thames the bridge had to offer 140 feet clearance. The bridge was built at a cost of about 1,180,000, and ten lives were lost during its construction. Visitors can learn all about the bridge the the Tower Bridge Experience exhibition.

HMS Belfast is moored close to Tower Bridge and is one of several warships moored along the Thames. "HMS Belfast is a unique and powerful reminder of Britain's naval heritage: a cruiser launched in 1938 to serve with distinction in both the Second World War and the Korean War. Moored permanently as a museum on the River Thames in the Pool of London, she is now the only surviving example of the great fleets of big gun armoured warships built for the Royal Navy in the first half of the twentieth century and the first ship to be preserved for the nation since Nelson's flagship, HMS Victory."

Canary wharf is mainly a business centre in the Docklands area of the Isle of Dogs. This photo is of the main tower designed by Caesar Pelli which can be seen all over London. Canary Wharf can be reached via the Docklands light railway. Many major newspapers have their offices at Canary Wharf.

These are fountains in the plaza in front of the main Canary Wharf tower. Being a commercial district there is not a lot to do here but it is worth a vist and you can sit in a pleasant park.

Another rather splendid water feature at the Canary Wharf plaza. There is a matching one on the other side.

The main masts of the Cutty Sark at Greenwich. Reached by foot tunnel from the Isle of Dogs (or by the newly constructed Docklands light railway link) it is well worth a visit to this reminder of the romantic days of merchant shipping.


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