In her time, no clipper was finer, faster or more famous than the Cutty Sark. And of all those "lovely sisters" that braved the 'roaring forties' and traded around the China Seas, it seems fitting that it is she who still survives to tell the tale.

The Cutty Sark lies proudly at permanent 'anchor' overlooking the River Thames ~ the jewel of maritime Greenwich, visited by millions of tourists from all over the world. Be sure to visit the website for the Cutty Sark from the link in these pages.

The Thames Barrier, the world's largest movable flood barrier, spans 520 metres (a third of a mile) across the Thames at Woolwich Reach, South East London, where it protects Britain's capital city from tidal flooding. Here you can see that under normal conditions the barrier is open to allow ships to pass.

Another view of the flood barrier. You can see here that one of the gates has a red cross to indicate it is not safe to pass through that section - this is because of low tides meaning limited clearance for boats on the river edges. In the distance you can see the Millennium Dome.

Another view of the barrier with the Millennium Dome in the distance. There is a visitors centre not far from the point this picture was taken giving details of the barrier - plus a website to visit.

A final view of the flood barrier stretching across the River Thames. The barrier has been useful in preventing flooding from surge tides.


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