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Everyone seems to put personal details on their homepages, so not to be outdone, I am doing the same. But I am not going to force you to read my details - if you want to leave this page, do so, but for those who REALLY want to know, read on!!!!!

I was born at Southmead Hospital, Bristol, UK on the 29th of October 1969, which makes me rather old. Life begins at 40 so I am told. I have appeared a number of times in the audience on Deal or No Deal (sad I know!). I am a naturist but you won't see any photos of me in that state on here!

I live in a northern suburb of Bristol, and have done since birth. I have seen many changes to the city and suburbs of Bristol over the years. (God, now that phrase definitely makes me sound old!!). I worked for 20 years in the IT industry (computers to you and me). I am currently on a "career break" after being made redundant. I don't really fancy working another 20 years in IT so am after a change of career, but I haven't found anything that takes my fancy as yet. I would like to do something involving driving though.

Finally, the usual stats, which are that I am about 6 feet tall (on a good day); I like my food (a bit podgy, who needs a six-pack - unless it is booze!!). Fair hair, blue eyes etc, blah blah. Single and perfectly happy - I can do what I want, when I want! That's all there is to me really! Now for some interesting photos of myself at various stages of my existence so far!!! Move pointer over each picture for a description.