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From when I was a nipper I have always had a fascination for street lighting but I always kept it fairly much to myself as others may think I was dropped on my head as a baby or something :o)
But I always used to look at them and admire the different designs and used to often watch the low pressure sodium SOX street lamps turn on and off outside my home - gazing at them as they went from red through orange to yellow.
I used to sketch my own pictures of lamps and often wondered what it would be like to actually own a proper streetlamp for myself (not the post, but just the lantern itself - fully working with SOX and photocell). That wish came true as I have got a number of different lanterns in my personal collection now. I actually didn't realise just how big street lights are!!
My area of north Bristol was lit by SOX lamps for decades but now that is almost all gone as the conversion to high pressure sodium and then on to LED has slowly taken place, so I have made sure that I have taken photos of old lamps to remember them when they have long gone.
So I have decided to create a few webpages on my site showing the variety of lamps I have taken photos of around Bristol for your enjoyment also. Having searched around I never realised there were quite as many enthusiasts out there who also share a love for street lighting so perhaps I don't feel so out of the ordinary after all - Recently I worked for 5 months in the street lighting department at South Gloucestershire Council which broadened my knowledge.
I hope you enjoy looking at the photos I have taken - and feel free to browse the rest of my site as well. My thanks go to Mike Barford and Andrew Stanley who helped me enormously to identify a lot of the street lighting in my photos.



I just had to include this photo of a streetlamp in Cherbourg Harbour, France - I just think it is the most wacky design I have ever seen. If you ever go to Cherbourg look out for them - you cannot miss them as there are loads of them all along harbour roads.
Andrew Stanley found that the make is THORN EUROPHANE TANGON by Yann Kersale.

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