08:40:00, Temperature 11.9°C, Humidity 82%, Gust 0 mph SW, Pressure 1017.9 mb, Rain 0.0 mm, Solar 139 W/m², UV 0.7

CHANGE/EVENT LOG (in reverse chronological order)

October 6 - "Low battery on station 1" - replaced the CR123 in the ISS. I have usually done this before getting the low battery message in the past.
August 27 - Outside temperature reading too high - FARS fan not running, dismantled and cleaned FARS and fan which were clogged with dirt and webs. Reassembled and working ok.

December 7 - Removed extended forecast as it is no longer supported.
February 15 - The animated rain map stopped working correctly so has been changed to a static image on the UK data page.

December 18 - Removed WDL and Paypal donate button.
November 8 - Added some simple canvas gauges to the live page which will replace WDL when Adobe kills off Flash.
April 1 - Removed page to display simple graphs of my data from Weather Underground as they no longer provide that function.

November 15 - Current host run by one person is closing down due to increased cPanel costs which is not being recouped. Transferred to a host which will hopefully serve me well for a long time. Also added a new Air Quaility widget for St Pauls.
May 15 - Fitted a new fan in the radiation shield, but due to age and corrosion a connection broke on the PCB for charging from the solar panel, so I ordered a special cable to directly connect the solar connection to the fan connection and it works fine now and so is a daytime FARS only.
February 21 - Retired YoWindow (Adobe Flash is dying out) and added a forecast from TWC to the forecast page.

February 11 - New anemometer and vane installed as wind speed had failed on the old one after 10.5 years. Also got FARS fan working again as I discovered a wire was loose.

September 25 - Added YoWindow to the forecast page.
August 7 - Combined VP2/Zambretti/Met Office forecasts and extended forecast all on the same forecast page.
July 17 - Removed SiteMeter code from all pages as that service is dead.
July 4 - Replaced FARS fan motor AGAIN!
March 19 - Added sparkline graphs to the main summary page.
February 21 - Added a new page to display an extended forecast from
February 5 - Due to ongoing issues with my web host and also the fact they have been merged with a host I could not upload data to I have yet again migrated the site to a new host which is more dedicated so should be reliable for the foreseeable future.

October 13 - Same reliability issues with the new server on the new host hopefully now resolved as the host moved my account to yet another server.
June 26 - Frequent reliability issues with the server on the new host hopefully now resolved as the host moved my account to a new server.
April 26 - Moved website to a new host - some things may need tweaking/fixing.
February 20 - Added Highcharts to daily and monthly SQL query results pages displaying temperature, gust, barometer, rain, solar and UV graphs.
February 16 - Set up an SQL archive database and wrote scripts to convert logs of basic weather data going back to 2004 and insert it at 10 minute intervals into the database. A page to query the archive database is here.
February 5 - Created this change history log as suggested by a good mate of mine :). Added widgets to the rain page showing the current levels of the River Frome at Frenchay, and Bradley Brook near Bradley Stoke.
February 3 - After extensive testing I made the SQL query pages live on the site here. Resurrected a page to display simple graphs of my data from Weather Underground.
January 30 - Got my head round setting up and running WD's SQL database update program so I now have data every 10 minutes being stored. Started creating some PHP pages to query and display results from the database with ability to download as a .csv file.
January 13 - Replaced the code for a check of live data not updating as my original code did not work as desired during the November problem.

December 31 - Added a New Year countdown to the summary page which will show from December 26th each year in future.
December 20 - Met Office FAX forecast charts now on the UK data page using the API.
December 13 - Added code to display graphics automatically on Christmas Day, New Year's Day and at Easter.
November 28 - Live data updating again now I am back - WD was waiting for a Windows prompt to allow the warning email program to run and was not collecting data (2 weeks missing) :(
November 16 - Started getting emails that live data had stopped on the 14th. Unable to resolve as I was away and have not got remote access set up.
November 2 - Old weather webcam problems with Webcam32 software. Changed webcam but still problems due to the USB hub, purchased an extension cable and set up and started running WD's own webcam capture program instead - all ok with that.
September 24 - Temperature reading a bit high on sunny days. Replaced the fan motor in the FARS with one bought from Maplin as the original only lasted just over a year. They don't make 'em like they used to!!
May 20 - Created PHP code to read the weather description from a local airport METAR and display a corresponding icon. This is used instead of the icon WD selects due to slight inaccuries.
May 12 - Replaced all the menu icons at the top of the page using scaled down images from screen grabs instead of my crudely designed ones.
April 27 - Launched a new community page on Facebook for my weather data as FB did not like me having an account that was not a real person!!
January 19 - Implemented AJAX javascript into the site to provide near real-time data updates on the main page and in the menu of other pages.

November 2 - Registered new .uk domain. Website now using that. Lengthy process of informing people with links to my site about the change begins!!
October 28 - Added animated rain map and lightning map using API data from the Met Office on the UK data page.
October 22 - Added code to display extremes of weather data - hottest/coldest/wettest/sunniest places for the previous day - with Google Maps links.
October 4 - Added code to check if snow or sleet is mentioned in a local METAR and to automatically run javascript to make snow fall on the webpage!
October 2 - Added CSS and a background image so the colour scheme is automatically set according to the meteorological season currently active.
September 20 - Using METAR data for temperature/humidity due to intermittent failure of the sensor. New sensor fitted on September 30.
August 22 - Dismantled FARS for cleaning and replacement of fan motor which had failed in recent weeks. Added photos of the process to a new page.
May 28 - Started uploading data to WeatherCloud.
March 14 - Added SteelSeries gauges to display live data as an alternative for WDL on non-Flash supported browsers.

November 2 - Set up a Twitter account for weather data.
March 9 - Added the sun and moon position chart to the sun/moon page.
April 3 - Created a simplified page of data specifically for display on mobile phones.
February 23 - Added a day/twilight/night 24-hour pie "clock" to the sun/moon page.
February 10 - Added a geeky page to show weather data in flip-digit style!

December 31 - Uploaded graphics to display fireworks and a message on January 1st.
September 17 - Removed the page to display wxwugraphs of my data from Weather Underground as there some problems with it.
August 7 - Installed a link counter facility to see how popular (or not) my links to other sites are!
July 19 - Added Javascript to scroll the page smoothly when clicking on a link.
June 20 - Implemented code developed by Clevedon Weather to show regional weather data from local stations in a handy table.
June 8 - Weather data now being collected on a brand new Windows 7 PC.
March 19 - Recently added a PayPal donate button in case anyone is kind enough to help with site hosting costs, and today got my first donation :)

December 21 - Added animated Christmas lights to show in the run up to Christmas each year.
June 9 - Started uploading data to Met Office WOW.
April 21 - A script to display record breaking weather now in use e.g. when temperature is higher than the monthly, yearly or all-time previous value.

December 18 - Added FlagCounter to the stats section.
November 7 - Added code to check for and display RSS weather warnings from the Met Office.
July 21 - Added RevolverMaps statistics globe to the stats section.
April 16 - Set up an account and uploading data to the Interactive Independent Climate Change Project.

July 29 - Installed and setup Aardvark Topsites to create a database list for UK Weather Stations.
April 4 - Recent problems with the temperature/humidity and UV sensors meant I had to send them away. Replacements arrived on April 16.

July 2 - Installed WxTide32 to generate tide tables and graph for Avonmouth.

September 8 - Weather data now obtained from a Davis VP2 weather station. The old WMR928N was starting to become unreliable.
March 5 - Added jpgraphs of weather data to the graphs page.

November 5 - Computer crashed and was down for the first 5 days of the month while I was away and I was not able to fix until my return.

December 19 - Weather data now being collected by a brand new Windows XP PC.
August 30 - Implemented code to display TAF data from Bristol airport in a pop-up window.
April 4 - Changed site coding to use PHP. Individual pages now generated from the main data.php page.

December 10 - Started using Weather Display Live
July 1 - Designed my own set of pages to display the weather data generated by WD. Several subtle changes to the design took place over the next year or so.
March 3 - Started uploading my weather data to Weather Underground (IBRISTOL3).
February 19 - The Horfield/Filton Weather Data website is launched using a basic webpage generated and uploaded by Weather Display with data from an Oregon Scientific WMR928N weather station.

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