Aladdin (21-24 Feb 2007)

Chinese New Year - Feb 18th - Year of the Pig - DingHai

Cast of characters

Abanazar the Wizard Martyn Hicks
Good Fairy Jean Goddard
Boy Jon Birkbeck
Villager 1 Wendy Carter
Villager 2 Sally Frampton
Villager 3 Vicky Screen
Sergeant Ning Steve Nuttall
WPC Eve Sandra Martin
PC Hall John Dicker
Emperor Ping of Peking John Gambling
Aladdin Laura Nichol
Wishee Washee Jackie Hunter
Princess Jasmine Lianne Brown-Martin
So-Pretty (handmaiden) Abbi Simmons
So-Cute (handmaiden) Grace Simmons
Widow Twankee Steve Waterfield
Customer 1 Julian Balsdon
Customer 2 Oksana Korzon
Customer 3 Danielle Woolnough
Diamond (in the cave) Rosalyn Balsdon
Ruby (in the cave) Laura Taylor
Emerald (in the cave) Alex Collins (Wednesday and Thursday)
Grace Simmons (Friday and Saturday)
Pearl (in the cave) Jenna King
Genie of the Ring Katie Thomas
Genie of the Lamp Emma Bunce
Dancers Rosalyn Balsdon, Alex Collins, Jenna King,
Grace Simmons and Laura Taylor

Production Team

Writer and Director and
David Goddard
Box Office Jackie Hunter
Choreography Julian Balsdon, Emma Bunce, cast and dancers
Costume design/makers Jean Goddard, Mary Morgan and Mary Screen
Front of House Manager David Goddard
Front of House Team Judi Smith, Jim Thatcher,
Adrian & Brenda Westlake
Lighting Director Matthew Nicholson
Make-up Jean Goddard, Gloria Gurton,
Renaté Nickolay-Lilley and cast
Musical Director Lee Tesdale
Rehearsal Pianist/ 2nd Keyboard Sue Puremont
Photographs Adrian Wren
Poster Lianne Brown-Martin and Kev Bailey
Prompt Liz Birkbeck
Properties Eileen Dicker and Jane Nuttall
Publicity Katie Thomas
Set construction/design/
scenic painting
Julian Balsdon, Liz Birkbeck, Alice & Ken Cretney, David Goddard, Jean Goddard, Claire Mildon,
Don Nichol and Katie Thomas
Sound Paul Martin
Stage Manager Don Nichol
Stage Crew James Birkbeck, Roger Carter, Brian Hunkin,
Keith Lilley
and Don Nichol
Wardrobe Jean Goddard, Gloria Gurton and
Renaté Nickolay-Lilley

Grateful thanks to the Challengers Group for arranging refreshments.

Chinese Lion costume kindly hired to us from the HERO LION DANCE TEAM.

edited from the video taken by Matt Nicholson
CLIP 1 - 2,043Kb - 0:47 - The Chinese Lion arrives.
CLIP 2 - 4,843Kb - 1:53 - Abanazar makes friends in the audience - NOT!
CLIP 3 - 2,588Kb - 1:00 - A few problems with Widow Twankee's washing machine.
CLIP 4 - 1,834Kb - 0:42 - The audience get roped into making some car noises.
CLIP 5 - 3,805Kb - 1:28 - Jewels and Aladdin down in the cave.
CLIP 6 - 2,013Kb - 0:46 - The Genie of the Ring is not just a driver you know!
CLIP 7 - 2,205Kb - 0:51 - A master of disguise - MWAHAAHAHAHAAA!
CLIP 8 - 3,762Kb - 1:27 - The law catches up with Abanazar in the end.
CLIP 9 - 2,858Kb - 1:06 - All good things must come to an end.



I. Old Peking Town
II. Outside the walls of the Emperor's Palace
III. Widow Twankee's Washarama
IV. Outside the Cave entrance
V. Inside the Cave

VI. The Magic Carpet
VII. Outside the Emperor's Palace
VIII. Widow Twankee's Washarama


I. Inside Aladdin's Palace (Old Peking)
II. Outside
Aladdin's Palace
III. Inside Aladdin's Palace (Egypt)
IV. Outside
Aladdin's Palace
V. Inside Aladdin's Palace (Old Peking)

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