Babes In The Wood And Robin Hood
(16-19 Feb 2005)

Cast of characters

Fairy Sandra Martin
Baron Hardup of Hengrove Steve Waterfield
Little John Sally Frampton
Will Scarlet Danielle Woolnough
Much Vicky Screen
Friar Tuck John Gambling
Alan-a-Dale Elizabeth Ellis
Henchman Eileen Dicker
Sheriff of the Withy Woods John Dicker
Robin Hood Rachel Harris
Maid Marion Laura Nichol
Nurse Maude Martyn Hicks
Stewart Katie Thomas
Mary Penny Foote
Thin Gina Coltman
Thick Mary Harris
Villagers Wendy Carter, Alex Collins, Jenna King

Alex Collins, Jenna King

Production Team

Writer/Director David Goddard
Box Office Louise & Vivienne Defan-Azary
Choreography Emma Bunce
Costume Design/Makers Jean Goddard, Krista Barrow
Front of House Manager Carol Radford
Front of House Team Louise & Vivienne Defan-Azary, David Goddard, Carole Parsons
Lighting Director Matthew Nicholson
Make-up Gloria Gurton, Jean Goddard, Krista Barrow
Musical Director Lee Tesdale
Photographs George Barnes
Prompt Mary Screen
Properties Val Bisgrove, Mary Morgan
Scenic Design/Painting Elizabeth Ellis & crew
Sound Paul Martin
Stage Manager Brian Hunkin
Deputy Stage Manager Emma Bunce
Stage Crew/set design and construction Bernard Crabbe, Terry Bisgrove, Brian Parsons, David Goddard, Brian Hunkin, Geoff Morgan, Don Nichol
The Band MD/keyboards Lee Tesdale, 2nd keyboard Sue Puremont, Guitar Steve Drew, Bass Guitar Keith Warhurst, Drums/percussion James Tranter

edited from the video taken by Matt Nicholson
CLIP 1 - 1,565Kb - 1:22 - The end of the opening number.
CLIP 2 - 1,576Kb - 1:23 - Schoolroom audience participation.
CLIP 3 - 1,431Kb - 1:15 - Maude getting ready for bed!
CLIP 4 - 2,090Kb - 1:50 - Ultra Violet scene.
CLIP 5 - 1,975Kb - 1:44 - From the final scene.



I. Outside the Baron's House / Village Square
II. On the way to the woods
III. The Village School
IV. On the way to the woods
V. The Nursery (in the Baron's House)
VI. On the way to the woods


I. The Woods
II. On the way to the woods
III. The Woods
IV. The Baron's Room inside the house.
V. Outside the Baron's House / Village Square

Photo from the Bristol Evening Post


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