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Travelling even further afield than Chamonix now. This holiday meant my first ever flight on an aeroplane which I enjoyed except for take-off and landing which made me a little queasy, but not enough to be scared of flying in the future. And it was certainly a lot warmer there than England for the time of year, which was especially noticeable when getting off the plane at Larnaca airport where it was at least 20 degrees Celsius even at 01:30 in the morning!!! Imagine what it is like in the summer with temperatures hitting 40 degrees!!
Protaras is on the east coast of the island, in the southern Greek area (see maps below the thumbnails) - and is perfect for families with young children. Teenagers and young adults (the club 18-30 type of people) would find another resort on the island - Ayia Napa - more to their taste. Because of the split in the island between the Turks to the north of Nicosia and the Greeks in the south there is a large British army presence on the island to protect the people, and the Greek are extremely grateful for this, therefore you will find that British people are made most welcome anywhere in southern Cyprus. It is quite bizarre to have strangers, such as shopkeepers approach you and shake your hand warmly and start jabbering away in the best English they can manage. Now, I am not saying that the northern Turkish part of the island is not a nice place to spend a holiday - I should imagine it is, but the south seems to be catered especially for British people. Flights to Larnaca are direct from Bristol and other airports, whereas a holiday in the north means having to fly via Turkey. Also the southern part uses Cypriot pounds - dead easy to get in a currency exchange shop and simple to use in Cyprus - you can even get Cypriot pounds in travellers cheques!
You don't have to worry about eating strange food either! Of course you can get traditional Greek cuisine in restaurants, but you can be assured that there is plenty of "familiar" food too, with fast-food chain style eateries serving burgers, chicken kiev, chips etc etc, plus supermarkets stocking all the usual things you would find in a British one, so there is no need to worry about eating at all. And the island has its own lager, Keo, which is like Carlsberg - and it goes down extremely well indeed. The only thing that is recommended is to drink bottled water - this is not to say that tap water is unsafe, but it wise to be cautious if you want an enjoyable holiday. You may find you have to pay a little extra for imported stuff, but not much - you can even get the previous day's English newspapers if you want!!!
It is one of the best holidays I have ever been on, essentially a relaxing and drinking holiday - the 2 weeks went very quickly indeed and we could have spent another week there! 


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