Latest update at the top.

Apr 9 - Updated and added to the streetlamps I own page.

Oct 26 - Updated and added current information on the Bristol streetlamps page - including Schreder Axia 3. Removed dead street lighting website links.

Jul 20 - Another lantern added to the streetlamps I own page.
May 02
- Removed the page all about me as I now feel it is too personal to be on here.
Feb 18 - Added information about my latest lanterns in the streetlamps I own page.

Jul 17 - Removed Sitemeter code from all pages as it is dead. Also removed various other dead counters from the counters page.

Oct 07 - New information in the Bristol streetlamps page - LED lantern.
Jun 28
- New information in the Bristol streetlamps page - Urbis ZXU1.
Mar 30 - Added information about my latest lantern in the streetlamps I own page.

Oct 21 - Updated information in the streetlamps I own page.
Mar 19 - Added Pax Counter to counters page, plus alterations and link added to the snooker page ,plus a new photo of me.

Dec 17 - Added Flag Counter visitor tracker to counters page and a couple of other pages to keep it active.
Jul 31 - New information in the Bristol streetlamps page.
Jul 22 - Added revolver maps visitor tracker to main section pages.
Apr 11 - Removed webrings code from the guestbook/email page. Removed dead links to external sites from various pages.

Sep 24 - Removed non-functioning counters - IPStat, Next Generation, Quick Hit and Zcounter. Changed some info on my details page.

Jul 18 - A new lantern acquired in my little collection of street lamps.
May 23 - I have been Stormchasing in the USA again.
Feb 17 - Updated information in the Bristol streetlamps page.

Oct 15 - New additions to the counters page - Quick Hit and CrazyCounter.
Sep 24 -
Switched off MartMixCam - using weather webcam images instead - webcam archive updated.
Apr 26 -
Have added images and a video of the AC Ford lamp I have recently acquired in the "streetlamps I own" section.

Dec 27 - Have added images from 2006 in the webcam archive section - the only update for this year!

Dec 10 - I have changed the guestbook from HTMLGear to Bravenet because the old one was getting spammed and also did not notify me of new entries when it should have done!
Sep 19 -
I seem to be bored of this site now - however I have added content regarding streetlamps and some webcam images for 2005!
Apr 20 -
Been too busy to update - I have added a recent pic to the page about me though!
Jan 26 -
Moved 2004 archive webcam photos to their own page. Nothing else to report!

Nov 09 - Removed counters that appear to be dead - these are Balt,, FreeFlash, Freelogs, QCounter, Senac, WebTracker.
Jul 08 -
Added webcam pics into the current archive, plus some new photos added from newer visits to London - no major updates planned for a while.
Mar 07 -
NEW SECTION - A few pages about streetlighting.
Jan 11 -
MARTYN'S MIX MOVES HOME AGAIN - I bought some hosted unlimited webspace to allow greater expanson of the site so now you can access via
Jan 02 -
MARTYN'S MIX gets another facelift - the site now uses Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to allow any future style changes easily; webcam archive images up to date - removed the game page and the graphical site map page.

Nov 11 - FOUR new counter services (Freelogs, Zcounter, Qcounter and Jellycounter).
Oct 06 -
Added some new webcam archive pics, plus a new latest webcam image of Mont Blanc in Chamonix.
Jul 19 -
The counter service removed - it is no longer free - and added the Balt Counter service.
Jun 27 -
new webcam pics added to the archives.
May 17 -
Some text and webcam pics removed due to a request to do so. Link to Teveo website has been removed - Teveo now charge users to display their webcams and the site is excruciatingly slow - takes one minute to load each page - therefore I will not use their service anymore - and this website is not important enough to change ISP to get a static IP address so I can use their cam software live!!
Apr 20 -
Added a new page - a graphical site map of Martyn's Mix.
Apr 05 - Removed the Stats4all and textcountercounters - also new webcam pics added to the archives.
Mar 12 -
No update for a while - new counter added - also quite a few webcam pics added to the archives.

Dec 17 - Deleted the "Countz" counter as it has been taken over by Bravenet; monitoring the NextGeneration counter which is currently broken; added a lot more webcam archive pics for October and November; changed the webcam page back to original - I still have 3 webcams but no longer a static IP address so the Live feed is defunct - Teveo chatcam is now accessed from the Teveo website.
Nov 09 -
New counter/tracker (Free Flash)
Nov 03 -
New counter/tracker (NextGeneration) - also removed the Titanium counter - hasn't worked for some time.
so redesigned the webcam page; A few new archive pics; Deleted the BeSeen counter (obsolete).
Jul 20 -
Deleted the Hitometer counter (soon to be obsolete) and added a new one (SparkLit).
Jul 13 -
Some new pics in the webcam archive; plus a new page showing the bristol-bath cycle route.
Jun 14 -
Replaced the site search utility with a different one which includes a site map.
- STORMCHASING in the midwest USA. Includes a daily journal, photos and video clips. Added simple menus to the main section pages for easier navigation.
May 23 -
Restarted the TextCounter counter/tracker service as the provider had a hosting problem. Working on a NEW SECTION - "StormChasing" - to go live soon. Deleted the mailing list option - no-one will be using it.
Apr 22 -
Added two new webcam archive pics. Added two new counter/tracker services (one requested by the creator of the counter itself!). Also decided to remove the top frame as it interferes with some aspects of the site - e.g. counters.
Apr 11 -
Added a new webcam archive pic for March coz I forgot about it!!. Added a mailing list just in case anyone wants to be notified of updates to the site. Fat chance - LOL
Mar 10 -
Removing LINKCOUNTER coding as their service has been hacked and has been unavailable. Added 3 new webcam archive pics. Removed Mont Blanc webcam image from the Chamonix section.
Mar 02 -
Updated information on the Euroroutes page; Testing a CHAT & CAM page in the webcam section.
Feb 23 -
Simplified the layout of this history page; TESTING A NEW LIVE WEBCAM FEED!!! 2 new webcam archive pics.
Feb 08 -
A new pic in the webcam archive, plus a new counter added.
Jan 28 -
Some new winter photos taken at Snuff Mill/Oldbury Court (including some video clips). A couple of new pics in the webcam archive.
Jan 11 -
Webcam photo is taken every 30 seconds now - testing out a broadband ADSL modem - pretty stonking! - broadband users can view last 20 pics if you want! - new pic in the webcam archive.
Jan 01 -
MARTYN'S MIX has a new look for 2002 - not that many will probably notice! Other updates include... change of photo layout in various holiday sections, new page for the 2001 webcam archive, plus webcam now serves a larger picture, plus newly scanned 175 pin on the bowling page. Placed Extreme and AddFreeStats code on main section pages to test tracking and referrals.

Dec 05 - Updated information on the Euroroutes page - which now includes maps of each Euroroute in the United Kingdom.
Nov 16 -
Added a few more Counters
Nov 13 - A NEW SECTION -
Counters - I have set up various counters on this page to monitor their performance. Just for fun really!!!
Nov 02 -
A new webring for european webcams added on the webcam page.
Oct 02 -
A new photo in the webcam archive; Old poll deleted - no-one was voting! Added a new poll to ask if webcam photo should be larger.
Sep 30 -
6 new photos in the webcam archive section; New look for this history page!
Sep 21 -
Updated the Chamonix section with pics taken in 2001; A new set of photos in Cycling/Walking - Snuff Mills/Oldbury Court Estate.
Exmoor - photos taken at various points around Exmoor National Park - starting with Selworthy and Porlock; Cycling/Walking - photos taken whilst out on the bike or on foot - starting with the Avon Ring Road A4174.
Aug 11 -
AAARRGH! LineOne service has become unreliable due to their move to Tiscali - therefore I have had to move Martyn's Mix AGAIN - decided on Supanet.. (why not Tiscali? because I know someone using Supanet and they reckon they are good so let's see wot 'appens!); Removed webcam animations - they take up too much space.
Aug 08 -
Trying a new stats service on most main pages - Stats4all.
Aug 06 -
A new pic of myself in my details page. Changed all pages to use the "verdana" font as it looks better. If a user has not got that font then "arial" is used and even if they have not got that a default sans-serif font will be used. Counter is also installed on every page now.
Jul 15 -
Another pic in the webcam archive. Another webcam animation added. Chamonix section now has a LIVE webcam pic from the Chamonix area. Tweaked the layout of some pages! Moved Parc Asterix pages from Chamonix to Disneyland section.
Not very impressed with Freeola's service of late, so this site is now on LineOne! now points to this new home!
Jul 08 -
More pics in the webcam archive. Another webring added.
Jun 19 -
More pics in the webcam archive. New webcam animation. Search engine replaced with a better one.
May 29 -
New Page - photos taken on a special rail trip to Cornwall and Land's End.
May 16 -
Updated information on the Euroroutespage.
May 12 -
Change of layout on the Chamonix page - each year's photos are on a separate page!! Plus some more webcam pics added into the archive, and a new animation. Plus each click on a link now counted by "LinkCounter"
May 02 -
Change of layout for the webcam archive pages - each year's archive will be on a separate page!! Plus some more webcam pics added into the archive.
Apr 16 -
Removed the javascript code on my details page for how long I have been alive etc as it was not entirely accurate!!
Apr 02 -
Added a new pic to the webcam archive; Location maps of Chamonix and Protaras added; Superstats tracking code removed as it is no longer free!
Jan 26 -
Added three pics to the webcam archive.
Jan 12 -
Major graphics change on main page for section links to jazz them up a bit; A bit more information in the Bowling section; NEW SECTION GOES LIVE - Snooker - information, rules and links; PLUS a search engine, a poll and a little game(!) added.

Dec 19 - 4 new pictures added to the webcam archive.
Dec 16 -
Details of latest trip to Disneyland Paris, plus more scanned Disneyland memorabilia added - photos to come soon hopefully.
Dec 10 -
A couple of pics updated in the bowling section, plus details on my highest bowling score to date. Plus a webring code change due to change of ownership.
Dec 01 -
Superstats tracking code added to all main pages in site to see just where the few visitors I get come from and what they are looking at in here - if I get any visitors that is! Plus new counter service added to each page to record any visits. Still working on adding new sections when I can - but I am busy!
Sep 19 -
Quick link dropdown menu added to main page - plus webring code changes and removal in the guestbook page - plus links on pages to enter website via entry page if arrived from search engine links.
Sep 12 -
Photos added to the Parc Asterix page and Chamonix section.
Sep 04 -
It has been a while but here is a major update now..... NEW SECTION - Ten Pin Bowling. New photos for 2000 added to the Chamonix section, which now has a page about Parc Asterix, plus a few more scanned memorabilia objects from Chamonix.
Jul 11 -
Links to the new Avon Valley Railway websites added in the Bristol section. Plus, a final batch (for now) of Chamonix weather webcam pics added.
; Plus, more Chamonix weather webcam pics added.
Jun 10 -
Added a new page - webcam pics showing recent weather conditions at Chamonix. Plus a new pic on the MartMix webcam archive.
May 31 -
Have reduced the download size of all the huge pictures on the website to make the loading of pages faster. Still working on other sections. Bristol weather details added to main page.
May 22 -
Changed layout again - site is back to using frames.
May 14 -
One picture added to webcam archive, plus a cosmetic change for the webcam pic.
May 07 -
Added a couple of webrings into the guestbook section.
Apr 23 -
Not much changed - a couple of new webcam pics in the archive. Other sections still being developed.
Mar 15 -
Site layout changed - does NOT use frames now to allow older browsers and search engines to access the site properly. Name prompt scrapped cuz it was getting annoying.
Mar 12 -
A NEW SECTION - Information and pictures about the Martyn's Mix webmaster - yes, me!!!
Mar 05 -
Changed one picture in the webcam archive and added a Camcities rating function on the webcam page.
Feb 23 -
Webcam section updated - Java applet for webcam pic, plus a new animation and some more archived images.
Feb 17 -
A few graphics changed - especially the main title graphic. NEW SECTION - A webcam page with some images and animations - sometimes live, sometimes not!
Jan 30 -
More scanned memorabilia added - Chamonix and Cyprus sections.
- Pics and info of a visit to London; plus brief information and pics relating to Bristol, England (including information about Euroroutes in the UK).
Jan 09 -
Pictures of scanned holiday memorabilia added to Chamonix and Disneyland sections.
Jan 07 -
Maps of Disneyland Paris added to the Disneyland section, plus front page tidied a little, plus surfers name entered and displayed, plus V3 URL - now allocated to the website.
with 4 sections - Ecumaniacs, Cyprus, Chamonix and Disneyland Paris. Others planned shortly, including brief info on Bristol; Ten Pin Bowling, Cycling, Snooker and other sports stuff; plus pics of London. Website URL submitted to search engines. Counter, stats and guestbook active.